hdr casualty

For your casualty and general liability claims, we provide insurance adjusting services for both residential and commercial claim exposures. We also specialize in municipality liability claims, including sewer backups, street defects, and power surge damages.

Our adjusters are experienced in handling casualty and general liability claims ranging from simple scene investigations to more large-scale, complex incidents. The company principals have decades of experience in working with large casualty and general liability losses, and our employees also have comprehensive backgrounds in these types of claims.

We specialize in witness location and have experience in skip trace investigations. We have the ability to include Digital and Social Media as a part of our investigations, if required or warranted.

Big Truck Liability

We work with both self- insured trucking companies and insurance companies to provide big truck liability claims services. Our adjusters have worked within this field for many years and understand the specific nuances required. We provide ongoing communication from the scene, as well as timely reporting.

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